What Is Happening to America?

The Bush administration left the United States in a mess and the American people in chaos. The economy was at a low point and thousands of American's were unemployed. President Obama has furthered the decline of the United States and the destruction of a way of life for the American people.

He got elected because of the great speeches he made and the American people were desperate so they believed every word he said and elected him president even though he did not have much political experience. President Obama was not in office six months and he had already started breaking his promises to the people that elected him.

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Some people say the United States which was once a God fearing, and law abiding nation has been turned into a Socialist economy. The United States was once unique because people could turn to it for help, hope and guidance. Not anymore. Obama's speeches about hope and change mesmerized so many of the American people they still can not see what is happening. Nothing is happening for the good. Things are just getting worse. President Obama continually blames the Bush administration and many people just follow along. It is time to quit blaming the Bush administration and devise plans to get the country and the American people back on their feet. The Obama administration follows the premise of doing nothing constructive and just blames their predecessors for all the problems. They feel if the American people have the Bush administration to blame for everything then they will not blame Obama's administration for anything.

The present administration is nominating people to important positions that follow their views or those they can control. The Presidents most recent nominee to the Supreme Court is a prime example. She has never been a judge but President Obama says she is the only qualified person for the job. She has no experience as a judge so how can she be the only qualified person for the position.

The United States is borrowing money from China to keep the country going and we are loaning money to Greece to help them out. There is no promise that Greece will repay the money. This is a very dangerous policy. You do not borrow from one country and turn around an give money to another country. If Greece does not pay the United States how are we going to pay China back?

Where is the United States going to get the money to pay China? Obama plans on taxing the rich to get the money he needs. Obama thinks the rich are money mongers and they can afford higher taxes. This is a broken and stupid theory. If all the rich employers start leaving the country because they are being taxed out of existence how will a poor man get a job?

The government has its fingers in the auto industry, the medical profession and the banking industry. Obama has basically sided with the special interest groups and shut off the water to the central valley of California in order to save the smelt. Smelt are a small fish that are canned and sold under the name of sardines. The environmentalists are behind stopping the water from going to the central valley farmers. The central valley of California is turning into a dust bowl. The farmers are losing their farms. This fact causes the farm workers to be unemployed. The central valley of California was a large producer of fruits and vegetables. The farm land is now bare of vegetation and the orchards are dead or dieing. The fruit and vegetables are now being imported from South America and Mexico One thing that can be said for President Obama is that he is good at building up the economy of other countries and increasing their employment while he destroys the economy of America and increases America's unemployment.

He has weakened our military. It would be hard for the United States to defend itself if we were attacked. He has the military fighting terrorists and he wants the terrorists to be treated as common criminals in civilian courts not as terrorists out to destroy America.

Ronald Reagan said it best and it is as true today as the day he said it. "You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We can preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we can sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness" With President Obama we are at the crossroads and it is sad we now have a leader that does not know how.

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