Ok, So You Lost Your Business and Cannot Find a Job - Start Another Business

Yes, times are tough. You had no intention of losing your business, and further have no desire to get a job. You have looked high and wide but as discussed in other posts, you are unemployable. No one wants an older ex-entrepreneur, a previous business owner, as an employee. It is a disaster in the making. You have a tough road to go if this is your strategy.

I believe you have only one option...start another business, but this time, do it right, make it work and earn your survival money as you know how, doing what you have always done, running a small business.

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Could be a small one man show, Internet-based, service-oriented or product oriented, or perhaps selling information on the Internet; a huge opportunity, as after all you have a life time of experience.

The point is, what choice do you really have, if you agree you are unemployable, having been searching for a long while with no results, and unemployment cannot run forever, and it is not enough anyway, what is left to do?

Start another business, small, tight and profitable. It is what you know how to do best. Think, what expertise do you have that others would want to know about?

It is not that hard to put a website together and experiment. Video is very inexpensive and even if your writing skills are below par, video works better. Search the web for the many blogs that will teach you how to do this step by step. It is a huge billion dollar industry with very low barriers of entry.

Whatever your secret dream or life time expertise, find your niche market and explore it, and then exploit it.

What other choice do you really have?

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