EB-5 Regional Centers Offering Loan Options

The fixed nature of this investment vehicle is gaining in popularity.

EB-5 investors don't necessarily have to put their $500,000 into actual buildings, resorts or enterprises; some regional centers are now enabling investors to fund fixed-term loans to others instead.

These programs give immigrant investors an alternative to traditional EB-5 vehicles and perhaps provide some peace of mind along the way. The popularity of offering businesses or economic development agencies a fixed-term loan in an approved regional center program is rising with potential immigrants because this option covers all the focal points investors seem to look for.

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Investor visa applicants seem to like this particular option because it enables them to meet EB-5 Visa requirements while providing some sense of investment security.

The fixed-term loans are appealing to potential EB-5 Visa investors who are focusing on these three main issues:

Getting a green card in a timely manner Seeing the restrictions removed after the two-year probationary period Increasing the chances of the return of their investment

Regional centers that offer fix-term loan vehicles for immigrants to invest in are essentially providing an exit strategy, which is something other EB-5 visa programs often lack. Commercial, real estate and mixed-fund investments often do not have a specific and dated exit strategy - loans typically do.

The EB-5 program enables potential immigrants to gain relatively rapid access to green cards in exchange for a $500,000 investment in a government-approved regional center. These centers have been created to boost economic conditions in areas with high unemployment.

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