Alert - Recession is Rising to Record High Levels

Everyday we hear in the news of redundancies of workers throughout the world. The recession that we are currently in is hitting people very hard financially. Unemployment rates in Western Countries are rising to record high levels. Not to mention the difficulty of those unemployed trying to find new work. For some people as they reach their fifties it is even harder for them to find work.

With so many people out of work, or having their salaries and wages cut there is also a record increase in the number of house re-possessions. Other personal debts are also high. There are record number of credit card and personal loan debts too. Another frightening factor with personal debt is that more and more people are tempted to borrow money from payday advance companies and cheque cashing places. The interest rates are phenomenal. So record number of people are taking out debt management schemes, or IVA's or even worst are facing bankruptcy.

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For those people unfortunate to be unemployed there is the misery of having to queue at unemployment benefit offices to obtain often very meager benefits and social handouts. How humiliating that experience can be. I have been there and my confidence levels fell. Not to mention the hard task it is to be positive enough when looking for looking for a new job. It's really hard to go to an interview when your self esteem is low. Also with high levels of unemployment there are in some cases hundreds of people all chasing the one job. I was speaking to my bank manager who was telling me that 100 people applied for a job at his bank.

Everyone deserves a good standard of living. The problem for millions of people is that they are victims of the corporate world. What I mean is that if we work for employers we are subject to the company's prosperity. Employers can hire and fire us. They can put pressures on their staff to work extra hours. It is a known fact that in the United Kingdom that many employees have to work unpaid overtime. With rising unemployment and job vacancies down, employers can put pressure on their staff to work extra hours and in some cases take pay cuts.

So the power is in the hands of employers while the employees are powerless. No-one wants to loose their job. Everyone wants to have a reasonable standard of income in order to provide for their families. We need to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads.

We all want to plan holidays for ourselves and our families. We all want to improve our homes. Have plenty of free time to enjoy our social life. To visit places of interest and to maintain our hobby of take part in sporting activities. We also may want to buy luxuries for example a new car, caravan or boat. We only have one life. We can strive to get the best out of life. But we need security and money to achieve our life long goals for ourselves and our families.

So there is a way forward. You can increase your income by signing up for a business opportunity. This opportunity can be full or part time. The more income you earn depends on your level of activity. Maybe you just want to increase your income so that you can provide for some more extras, like holidays, home improvements. Or maybe you want to stop using credit cards or payday advances to clear your debts and pay for items with your own earned money.

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