A Specialist Provider Offers Cheap Loan Insurance For Your Peace Of Mind

Faith in all payment protection products has decreased since the recent mis-selling scandal aroused the interest of the Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Services Authority. Following a super complaint by the Citizens Advice, investigations began into the sector which resulted in several firms receiving fines. Of the many problems that was highlighted was the fact that extortionate premiums were being charged. Many consumers were put off buying a policy, yet quality cheap loan insurance can be found if you choose to take it from a specialist provider.

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The majority of those fined were given penalties for failing to give the consumer the information needed to determine if cover was suited to their circumstances. A lack of information meant individuals such as those who only work part time, are self-employed or retired were buying a policy only later then finding out that they were not eligible to claim.

While the above are just some of the exclusions which are usually found in the terms and conditions, there can be others. Providers can put in their own so it is crucial to read the wording from back to front. An ethical provider who specialises in selling payment protection and offers cheap loan insurance will always make sure that the consumer has access to the key facts of the cover.

When bought with your circumstances in mind cheap loan insurance can give you the money each month to continue servicing your loan repayments. Having this tax free payment would give you peace of mind and financially security of having something to fall back on. A policy can be taken out to protect against the possibility that you could become incapable of attending work if you were to have an accident, suffer from illness or unemployment.

Cheap loan insurance can be taken out for a premium each month which is based on how old you are when taking out the policy and the amount you wish to cover each month. With an independent provider the savings you can make are often as much as 80%.

Different providers have different terms and conditions regarding when cover would begin, usually it is between the 30th and 90th day of being unfit and lasts for 12 to 24 months. You can find the conditions of the policy you are interested in by reading the key facts. Some specialists will backdate protection to the first day you became unable to work which means you do not lose out.

By going with an independent provider you should get access to the wording and terms on their website. If you want to ensure that you have cheap loan insurance that you can rely on then buying cover from a specialist as opposed to taking it out alongside the loan at the time of borrowing is a must. In the past loan protection has been deemed to be confusing but an independent provider will make cover as transparent as possible. An ethical provider should always offer FAQs and make the quotation process easy to understand along with offering free advice.

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