Top 10 Areas of Employment for Felons

Many people with felony convictions have difficulty finding employment.

Unfortunately, employment for felons can be difficult to get. Many big businesses are hesitant to give employment to felons. Are you aware that about eighty percent of companies in the United States background check their applicants? However, you should not lose hope because there are employment opportunities for felons out there that you can send your application to.

Below is a list of industries or sectors that typically offer employment for felons:

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State unemployment agencies offer employment for felons. Job listings in state unemployment agencies are varied and often have a wide range of options for job seekers. Although most career opportunities might not be as high paying as what you would like, still the job opportunities that state unemployment agencies provide are a good starting point for you to get on your feet and build new job experience for your resume. Another great thing about state unemployment agencies is the fact that they will never discriminate.


As a part of the government's effort to rehabilitate and reintegrate felons to the society, government agencies offer job positions to people with felony charges. Government jobs are the best and most secured jobs available to felons today. You can work from the lowest position to the highest depending on your qualifications and skills!


The world wide web offers many career options to people with felony convictions. Online marketing includes selling stuff online, affiliate marketing (earning commission by helping sell products), selling advertising space in websites and more! Online marketing is very profitable and does not require too much effort.


The US Army is pretty strict about recruiting people with bad records. People who are convicted of rape, assault, murder, and other violent types of convictions are not allowed to give military service.


Long distance hauling is perfect for ex-felons. In fact many trucking companies exclusively hire people with felony convictions. However, the employment for felons that trucking companies offer may not be suitable for those with families as the position require the person to be away for a very long time.


Temp agencies are certainly the first place from which newly released felons usually look for employment. Manual labor and temporary career opportunities are the usual types of employment available at temp agencies.


Food service jobs are always open for everyone. This sector is the biggest employment provider to people with felony convictions. The food service industry never runs out of job openings, so felons and non-felons do not compete with each other.


Sales are a good career option for any felons. Sales and marketing do not require character investigation or great resumes. As long as you have the skill to talk to people and can sell the products, then you'll surely land the job.


Freelance or contractual jobs encompass a variety of options for felons. Today, freelance online careers are the most popular freelance job opportunities. You can also get freelance jobs for a variety of services like plumbing, repairs, constructions, massage, and many more. In freelance careers, the most important thing is talent. You can get clients mostly by recommendations so it will help to talk to your friends and relatives for help!


Perhaps the best career option for an ex-felon is to create a business. However, the biggest problem of many ex-felons is that they cannot usually get a loan due to bad credit reports. Assistance from the local government or nongovernmental organizations may help.

There are various employments for felons out there. Though it might seem really difficult to land jobs, you should never give up. Try the industries we mentioned above and you will surely find employment!

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