A Law Degree and An MBA - Working As a Receptionist?

Not long ago, I met a very nice gal, she is only about 28, she is funny, smart, and of great character, but she is so utterly under employed I could hardly believe it. Imagine to my surprise meetings someone like this on her lunch break from a small medical clinic across the parking lot. They call her receptionist, and she basically reminds people to make their scheduled appointments and re-schedule if they can't. She is of a happy go lucky personality displacement and she is okay with that, but she can hardly make her student loan payments. She's not alone, okay so let's talk about the value of college and university tuition shall we?

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Recently, in March of 2013 we learned that over $3 billion had been "written off" in student loans, but each month more loans are issued. Currently as of this article (end of March 2013) nearly 37% of the student loans are in the rears, late or in default (default being over 90-days). Why can't these people pay their student loans? Well, no jobs for them right now, or no good decent jobs that is. Further, many employers are cutting hours, due to ObamaCare. Of course, the problem isn't just a problem out here in California.

There was an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal on March 26, 2013 titled; "College Grads May Be Stuck In Low-Skilled Jobs," by Ben Casselman and there was a chart attached to the article of "Percentage change in mean earnings by education level, since 1991." Now to be fair, today more people go to college, and we have more people in the country, but not so many more jobs than we once did. Further, due to technology many lesser educated folks can do those jobs with the help of computers.

Having highly skilled and educated labor has been a boon for employers, almost to the point of being corporate welfare, as they don't spend as much training or educating during the first 6-months of employment. If you think all of this is bad here, we are not alone. Another article in the WSJ on the same day; "Chinese College Graduates Play it Safe and Lose Out, by Bob Davis tells a similar story there. Unemployment is highest amongst the most educated, meaning they don't need more managers or chiefs, they want more Indians to work in factories.

The unemployment rate for University Level graduates is 16.4% and for those with barely elementary school is only 4.2% and this isn't only in China where they have such a problem brewing. One might need to reconsider what they believe when it comes to the value of a college education, it seems many have been very mislead and those who were duped are now economically enslaved with tuition debt, not easily discharged here in the US. Please consider all this and think on it.

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