A New Money Source For Your Business That's Not a Loan

When one money source dries up, try another. Here's a good money source for you that could give you lots of cash for your business or real estate. And your business can be any kind in an area of high unemployment or in a rural, country like setting. This great money source is: The EB-5 Program from the U.S. Government Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS for short). This program is also called "Immigration through investment." This program currently has 5,000 visas per year that it can grant to overseas investors who put up $500,000 or $1,000,000 each for a project in a high-unemployment or rural area.

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The EB-5 program gives the overseas investor the valued temporary Green Card for themselves, their spouse, and unmarried children, and after your business succeeds, the investor will receive his or her permanent Green Card, allowing life-time residency in the United States for the investor and his or her family.

You can get this kind of investment for your business or real estate by complying with the requirements of USCIS, which are:

1) You are starting a new commercial business of some kind, including real estate, or

2) You are buying an existing business and restructuring it as a new business or real estate project, or

3) You are expanding an existing business or real estate project to have 1.4 times as many jobs or net worth, or retaining all existing jobs in a troubled business.

You can raise the money you need from just one, or as many as 35, investors for your business or real estate. With the money you get you can buy, build, rehab, expand or convert. Amounts you can raise range from $500,000 to multi-millions, $10 million, $15 million, etc. The actual amount depends on the business or real estate you have chosen to use USCIS-encouraged financing for.

Note that the money you get comes from overseas investors, NOT from the U.S. Government, or a local Government. With the dollar at new lows, overseas investors are pleading to invest in Your Next Project!

For more about this and other ways to get started in your own business on zero cash, use the "Zero Cash Riches Kit," as found at the following links.

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